Coaching Psychology

Coaching Psychology

As well as supporting the wellbeing of school staff through our Positive Psychology services, we also offer Coaching Psychology programmes and training. To find out more about how Coaching could help your educational setting click here.

What is Coaching Psychology?

Coaching is a way of working with people that focuses on supporting them to improve an area of their life they would like to change. Coaching Psychology is a branch of applied psychology that focuses on enhancing performance, wellbeing and development in the broader population (Adams, 2016).

Coaching Psychology is evidence based and draws on theories and techniques embedded in psychological research. Research suggests that coaching interventions have a wide range of positive benefits in areas such as performance, wellbeing, coping, work attitudes and goal attainment (Hill & Oliver, 2019).

There is a cross-fertilisation between Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology, where Coaching frameworks are combined with the science behind Positive Psychology to help individuals, and the context and settings they are part of, to become the best version of themselves.

To find out more about how Coaching Psychology could help your educational setting click here or contact us below.

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