About our i-Psychology service

As we are a forward thinking service with the goal of extending the reach of our services to enable as many people as possible to live their best life, we have developed a range of iPsychology services using a HIPAA compliant video-conferencing platform. This means we can deliver services nationwide with increased flexibility.

Why choose i-Psychology Services?

Our i-Psychology services allow:

  • Easy access to psychological knowhow.
  • Flexible access to psychology services; they can be accessed from any location so there is no need to meet the EP or counsellor at school.
  • Cost effective access to psychology; individual access to services such as coaching, consultation and counselling can be accommodated, meaning there is no need to commit to half day or full day time blocks.



Who is i-Coaching for?

Anyone who wants to become the best version of themselves and perform at their best.

It is suitable for teaching and auxiliary school staff and university students.

How do we do it?

The psychologist draws on their knowledge of coaching frameworks and positive psychology. We help you to identify your direction, goals, next steps and use practical problem-solving and psychological frameworks to help you to thrive and flourish.

More information about Positive Psychology can be found here and click here for more information about Coaching Psychology.


i-Psychology Consultation

Who is i-Consultation for?

School staff and parents who wish to develop a shared understanding of a young person and to identify ways forward.

How do we do it?

The psychologist draws on their knowledge of child development and learning as well as psychological problem-solving and solution-finding frameworks as appropriate. We combine this with our knowledge of positive psychology to support the young person to flourish. More information about Positive Psychology can be found here.


Positive Psychology for Children

Who is an i-Assessment for?

For the duration of the COVID-19 Pandemic, we are able to offer full Educational Psychologist assessments for children and young people.

How do we do it?

We use a HIPAA compliant video-conferencing platform to carry out cognitive and attainment assessments as appropriate, with the young person. We also remote methods to gather the views of parents and key adults from school.

The psychologist draws on their knowledge of learning, child development and psychological frameworks and positive psychology to formulate a working hypothesis to inform next steps and recommendations. More information about Positive Psychology can be found here.


iPsychology Training

Who is i-Training for?

School staff.

How do we do it?

In addition to our ‘Reflect, Rewind, Rethink’ pre-recorded webinars that are available here, we offer live online webinars on any topic relevant to Educational Psychology. All of our training incorporates positive psychology approaches to support your school and everyone in it to flourish. More information about Positive Psychology can be found here.



Who is i-Counselling for?

Young people or school staff who need some support with past or present life events.

How do we do it?

The counsellor draws on a range of counselling approaches and techniques to support you to move forward.

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