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Educational Psychology Service for Schools in Wales

Educational Psychology & Coaching Services for Schools

We deliver flexible, bespoke, high quality and effective work that goes above and beyond the basics.

Schools can access our service as and when they need it, as often as they like.

Our model of service delivery aims to make it easier for schools to deal with the changeable level of need and changeable budgets that they need to respond to.

For even more value we offer reduced rates for schools who want to plan ahead.

We offer services across North Wales and North West England.

Our work draws on a range of sound assessments and psychologically informed theories and approaches. At the heart of our work lies Positive Psychology; we draw on cutting edge research and evidence-based interventions from this rapidly developing field of psychology to provide you with traditional Educational Psychology services but with a modern, up-to-date twist, plus additional services rooted solely in Positive Psychology. For more information about Positive Educational Psychology click here.

Positive Educational Psychology Services

Dyslexia Hub - Help for Parents and Schools

  • Cognitive Assessments
  • Positive Assessments (focused on strengths & abilities)
  • Detailed Assessments
  • Support with EHCP's (England) and Statements of Special Educational Needs (Wales)
  • Consultations
  • Interventions
  • Training
  • Coaching
  • Plus lots more!
Positive Psychology Training and Workshops

We specialise in providing training and workshops to develop the use of Positive Psychology at a whole school level. Examples include:

  • Positive Psychology in Everyday Classroom Practice
  • Positive Psychology for Flourishing Schools
  • Positive Psychology for Flourishing Senior Leaders
  • Positive Psychology for Flourishing NQT’s.
  • Coaching Approaches to Lesson Observation for Senior Leaders

Research has shown that happy teachers are more effective in their role and are better able to manage stress. Our Fly High Coaching Programme is informed by Positive Psychology and the framework can be used to address any issue from resilience to supporting NQT’s to leading a values driven life. So coaching is relevant whether or not there is a ‘problem’ and is often accessed by those who wish to grow, flourish and become the best version of themselves. We can deliver coaching both in person and online.

For further information about Coaching Psychology click here.

Teacher Wellbeing Programme

Our Teaching Wellbeing Programme consists of a series of workshops drawing on the evidence-base in Positive Psychology. This helps attendees to understand the factors that underlie wellbeing and how to harness this understanding not only when things are going well, but also during more difficult times, to live happy, fulfilling, values driven lives.

Whole School Positive Psychology Consultancy

Our Positive Psychology consultancy includes an assessment of the needs of your school at a systemic level based on Positive Psychology theory and research. An intervention plan is then provided to allow you to make changes to the school processes and policies to support students, staff and the school as a whole to flourish.

Our Positive Psychology Training and Workshops, Fly High Coaching services, Teacher Wellbeing Programme and our Whole School Positive Psychology Consultancy service can be commissioned independently or alongside Educational Psychology Services. Book a free school visit below or contact us to find out more.

Other Services

Flying Colours offer a Counselling and Psychotherapy service, these services can be accessed directly either alongside or independently of Educational Psychology Services. Just get in touch and we’ll arrange things for you.

Book a free school visit

We are happy to visit your school without charge to discuss your requirements and explain how our services can help. Please use the button below to access this service.

Without question, your service demonstrated an ability to understand and meet the needs of our students, families and staff over and above any other provider we met with.

Head of Care & Safeguarding
Head of Care & Safeguarding Liverpool School

Brilliant ideas to help a pupil in my class.

Teacher North Wales Primary School

Very interesting, well informed and thematically broken down. Relevant and provoked discussion. Very relevant and would help me to empathise.

Teacher North Wales Secondary School

Thank you so much, the report is great and very informative!!

SENCo Liverpool Primary School

Educational Psychology & Coaching Services for Colleges, Universities & Local Authorities

Educational Psychology for Colleges

Our approach to Educational Psychology is combined with Positive Psychology to provide a unique service focused on boosting self-esteem and building on strengths for more information about Positive Educational Psychology click here.

Educational Psychology & Coaching Services for Colleges & Universities

We offer Educational Psychology assessments for students in Further or Higher Education.

Sometimes issues like Dyslexia can go undetected during the school years, yet when underlying causes for difficulties that are being experienced are identified, the impact can be far-reaching, The individual often feels a sense of relief now that they finally understand why some things are so difficult for them. This often has a positive impact on their self-esteem and wellbeing.

Our thorough and detailed assessments contribute to reports which contain suggestions for targeted, evidence-based, individualised support.

Our Positive Educational Psychology assessments focus not only the issues that may arise for those with neurodiverse conditions but also on strengths and abilities. Our reports contain recommendations for what the student can do for themselves to improve their results and achieve their potential as well as advice on what can be done by others to support them.

We also offer wellbeing courses based on Positive Psychology for small groups, and coaching on an individual basis, to prepare students to move into the workplace with the tools to help them to flourish.

Contact us for further information or book a free onsite visit below.

Educational Psychology Services for Local Authorities

We can help Educational Psychology departments with EHCP’s and/or general EP work at times of high demand or during periods of staff absence. We can provide flexible bespoke packages to fit your needs on an ad hoc or contractual basis.

We offer Positive Psychology training for Local Authority Education Services aimed at increasing wellbeing and resilience amongst staff. We also provide training for Educational Psychology teams on Positive Educational Psychology in schools.

Contact us for further information or book a free onsite visit below.

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