Positive Psychology

Positive Educational Psychology & Coaching Psychology

What is Positive Psychology?

Psychology has traditionally had a negative bias with a focus on problems and helping others when things have gone wrong. Positive Psychology is a rapidly growing field and takes a different view by looking at how to facilitate optimal human functioning and focuses on things like happiness, wellbeing and fulfilment; it is the science of ‘flourishing’. Positive Psychology looks at the science behind why people thrive rather than why things go wrong. Applied Positive Psychology focuses on helping to change people’s wellbeing for the better. There is now an array of Positive Psychology Interventions that are theoretically grounded and empirically validated.

What is Positive Educational Psychology?

Here at Flying Colours we love this approach as it fits with the very ethos behind our name! We draw on cutting edge theory and research relating to Positive Psychology to inform our practice. So at the individual level, our practice of Educational Psychology expands on the traditional approach to the profession; we not only use our knowledge and expertise in learning, social, emotional and behavioural development, the factors that can serve as barriers to these and the strategies to overcome them, we go one step further…we actively seek out strengths and look for ways to help people and those who support them to build on these. We work with the science behind resilience, growth, wellbeing, motivation, values and achievement and use this to bring out the best in others. This is achieved through our assessment, consultation and coaching work. In this way, our work extends to those who do not present with ‘a problem’ but want to do better, understand themselves more fully and ensure their actions lead them in the right direction.

Our work not only helps individuals to thrive, it also works for whole communities and organisations, so they too can flourish.

Using Positive Psychology we support the growth and wellbeing of not only children and young people, but also the adults who work with them. We achieve this through:

To find out more about how our Positive Psychology services can help your educational setting and the people within it to flourish click here.

This video explains how we are an Educational Psychology Service with a bit of a twist! Here comes Positive Psychology!

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